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Sectional valves
Sectional valves BC Series
General features

The sectional valves of the BC series are characterized by the following features:
• Possibility to install on each port auxiliary valves such as relief valves (VL), anti-cavitation valves (VC) or combined relief and anti-cavitation valves (VLC)
• Possibility of having non-return valves on each section, to avoid any interference between the elements
• Possibility to control the flow and the simultaneous operations of two or more sections through flow control sections (RF) or the sections with integrated pressure compensated flow control (CF patented).

Above features grant such a high flexibility and a large number of combinations to enable BC valves to meet the standards of high efficiency required by modern mobile machines. 

Adjustable pressure compensated flow control sections (RF)
The adjustable pressure compensated flow control section (RF) divides the flow circulating in the by-pass channel (By) into two lines:
• The first, priority flow (PF) is adjustable with the external knob
• The second, exceeding flow (EF), gets the exceeding oil, not used by the priority line
The combination of the various types of RF (three) with different types of special elements (P-R-PR) allows the execution of many circuits, samples of which are reported hereunder. The use we want to do of the priority (PF) and of the exceeding (EF) flows, will determine the choice of the flow divider and the special elements that we hereby list.