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Monoblock valves with flow control
Monoblock valves with integrated pressure compensated flow control
BF Series (patented)
General features

The monoblock valves of the BF series deriving from the valves of the BM series differ from them by having at the inlet a three ways priority integrated and pressure compensated flow control (RFP) or two ways integrated pressure compensated flow control (RFS). In the RFP type the exceeding flow is recuperated into the system and allows the simultaneous use of the two sections of the valve, the first ruled by the priority (PF) and the second by the exceeding flow (EF). In the RFS type the exceeding flow (EF) goes to tank. A very important feature is that the flow control only works when a priority element is actuated. On the contrary the oil goes to tank without the flow control being actuated and, therefore, without losses of flow and unnecessary heating.

In RFS circuits, non-priority sections get the whole flow when they are individually operated; in RFP circuits, when a priority section is actuated, non-priority sections get only the exceeding flow.
BF valves are available with One or more priority elements.