Studying and perfecting equipment solutions has always been the ideal testing ground for our Development Team, our innovations and our projects. Over the years BLB has placed special emphasis on the improvement of performances, ergonomics and simplifying systems, all with regards to the environment and the resources savings. Here are a few examples of applications in the major sectors.

Cranes, wood chippers, wood splitters,
briquettes, ATV trailers.

Trimmers, shakers, desilers, irrigation, wrapper,
inter-row shredders, collection facilitators.

Lawn mowers, trimmers, snow plows,
road sweepers, micro tractors.

Dumpers, aerial platforms, backhoes, telescopic
front blades, drills, micro excavators.

Planers, compactor, truck crane, rescue truck, car transporter, food machines, forklifts, tire changers, canal jets, car parks.

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