BLB products, all strictly Made in Italy, stand out for their compactness, lightness and for the high level of standardization and interchangeability of the components.


Made from a single block of cast iron, the monoblock valves are sturdy, reliable, compact and lightweight. The absence of any tie rods and intermediate seals ensures they are low maintenance.
BF series monoblock valves are distinguished by incorporating at the inlet a two or three-way adjustable and pressure compensated priority flow divider. The flow divider can be regulated from 0 to the maximum flow rate and starts working when the first element is activated.


Sectional valves provide greater flexibility to satisfy the demands of machinery and equipments circuits. Non-return valves in every section together with auxiliary valves (antishock, anti-cavitation and combined antishock/anti-cavitation), allow multiple circuits to be created. The elements with a two or three-way adjustable and pressure-compensated priority flow control make it possible to manage the flow of each individual use.


Flow controls are used to divide the oil flow into two separate hydraulic circuits, one Priority and one Exceeding.
Models in the RF PV series include a general relief valve to control the pressure of the priority circuit. The BF series integrates the flow control into the monoblock valve.

Actuators, spools, positioners and many other items and options are available as accessories and spare parts. The complete list can be found in the relevant catalogues.